Mirage eclipse
The next invention will show you is also going to please people who love water, however, this time you'll have to get out into the fresh air. Mirages eclipse is a special skating board offered by the American company Hobie. 

At first sight, the construction resembles a kind of surfboard that's been enlarged in size the difference is that you don't have to study for a long time to ride on such a board and then wait for the right waves. The mirage eclipse is a fun experience for the whole family even the children can skate all you have to do to get the device moving on the water is pushing the pedals. The advantage of the design is that is optimally stable this way you don't have to worry about falling into the water.

 Also, the interaction with the paddle can be minimized, for example, the manufacturer offers to step on the mirage eclipse from the pier and ride even in clothes. The removable wheels facilitate the transportation of the invention over land. Two models are available both are designed for one person. The first model can bear a weight of up to 102 kilograms at its own weight of 20 kilograms and the second one weighs 22 kilograms and withstands a load of up to 125 kilograms. The length is 3.2 and 3.6 meters respectively.

Tenfold maxi
The latest technology that we're going to show you today allows us to look at the concept of tiny houses in a completely different way. It turns out that space can also be minimized without compromising comfort. All you have to do is choose a home from 10-fold engineering in the UK , the designers implement a special patented technology that allows the house to be assembled and disassembled in minutes. 

The difference in the size of the folded and unfolded house is enormous. The prototype shown in the video is automatically extended using a power source. The whole process takes exactly 5 minutes however the person can manually assemble it with the same success. 

The company's portfolio includes a large number of interesting projects this one is called the tenfold maxi when unfolded the house provides from a hundred to 170 square meters of free space. The length of the construction can vary from 9 to 12 meters. The width during the transformation can be from 12 to 14 meters.