Foldable smartphones are the future.

Foldable smartphones are the future.

It might not seem that way with the current foldable smartphones we have but sooner or
later they are going to replace our regular smartphones.
If not replace our regular smartphones they will surely become as popular as mainstream
That said, the Galaxy Fold 2 went on sale ever since September this year and it has
been selling out in record times almost everywhere it went on sale.
Samsung had huge expectations with foldable tech and it certainly is paying off.
Of course, that said, there's one thing I don't like about the current foldable smartphones
and it's the plastic display.
You might have seen this video where Zack did a durability test on the foldable display
and it scratched out so easily.

He even managed to scratch it with just his nails.
I don't see the owners of the Galaxy Fold complaining about it but that doesn't mean
it's a non-issue.
It certainly is, and Samsung totally understands that and that's the reason the Galaxy Fold
2 or the clamshell Samsung phone will have a foldable glass display.
It was just recently that we got a look at live images of this phone.
Like the Motorola Razr, the images show a clamshell phone that flips open to reveal
a bigger, foldable display.

But this isn't a foldable screen that we’ve seen before.
It actually uses glass which will make sure it doesn't scratch with just your fingernails.
Which in turn will make the phone more durable.
We heard this rumor a few months ago that Samsung will abandon the plastic polyamide
in favor of a bendable glass and it looks like it's actually happening.
The Galaxy Fold was unveiled in February but it went on sale almost 7 months later in September.
But that won't happen with the Galaxy Fold 2.

According to South Korean media, the Galaxy Fold 2 will go on sale even before the Galaxy
A few days ago we heard that the Galaxy S11 and the Fold 2 will be launched at the same
time on February 11th.
Usually, Samsung takes about two weeks before they start releasing the devices to the public.
So that means you'll be able to get the Galaxy Fold 2 delivered to you in February itself.
In fact, the report also mentions that Samsung is planning to put the Galaxy Fold 2 up for
sale right after it goes official in South Korea.
This is impressive considering the Moto Razr is still not up for sale, in fact, reports
are saying the release of the handset has been delayed due to the rising demand for
the phone.

So Samsung sees an opportunity here, so they want to grab it by bringing the Fold 2 to
retail shelves as soon as possible.
Unlike the Moto Razr which retails for $1500, the Fold 2 will cost almost half at just $850
which means you don't have to spend a fortune to experience the foldable tech.
Of course, that being said, do let me know what do you think about the Fold 2, with the
information we have about this phone, are you willing to spend 850 to try this phone
out or would you go to a more conventional option like the Galaxy S11?

Let me know down in the comments