So every year Samsung gives out freebies to those who pre-order their new flagship phones. What kind of freebies you get will depend on where you live, some countries get their wearables, some get cashback and in some countries Samsung tends to simply cut down the price of its wearables as a pre-order bonus instead of giving them away for free.

With that said, with the Galaxy S20 Samsung will give you free Galaxy Buds Plus the successor to the Galaxy Buds if you pre-order the new Galaxy S20.
Remember that this offer is only available to the Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra, and not for the S20 which is not really surprising because last year the Galaxy S10e didn't get any pre-order bonuses either.

It's worth mentioning that this pre-order deal won't apply to every country.
I mean Samsung gives out different freebies to different countries so some of you will get disappointed when you learn that you won't get this deal.
But I can be assure that the US consumers will surely get this pre-order deal.

Also, as you can see the Galaxy Buds Plus looks identical to the original Galaxy Buds, except there are some changes in the internal hardware.
The battery has been increased to 85mAh from 58 which gives a playback time of up to 12 hours. Also to increase the call quality, Samsung has integrated 4 microphones this time instead of two which should make a meaningful upgrade.

But in my opinion, if you have the Galaxy Buds then there's absolutely no reason to upgrade.
I mean There’s just isn’t enough to justify the purchase as the original Galaxy Buds happen to be quite good.

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