Mercedes-Benz vision AVTR

The film avatar by the acclaimed director James Cameron premiered more than 10 years ago but is still a pretty impressive movie and has inspired directors artists designers and apparently even car manufacturers. On January 2020 the Mercedes Benz presents at a show car inspired by The Adventures of the inhabitants of the planet Pandora. According to the designers of this futuristic car, it embodies the connection between man-machine and nature and the dream of a society in which these three elements coexist in perfect symbiosis.

 At first sight, the car looks more like the creation of a group of graphic designers rather than a real car. Its bodies equipped with moveable glass doors and unusual spherical wheels with glowing inserts. However, the most unusual feature of the new show car of the German company is the 33 moving aerodynamic elements in the back of the car. All the details of the exterior glow thanks to special technology and their glow can be synchronized with the beating of the driver's heart. By the way let's talk about the driver like almost all modern concept cars vision AVTR is equipped with an unmanned driving technology so there are no usual controls in its cabin instead you can find four original hammocks seats similar to those seen in Avatar, as well as screens with holographic images. 

The interior of the car is made of environmentally friendly materials, for example, artificial leather .the concept car is also equipped with several electric motors with a total capacity of 470 horsepower. The 110-kilowatt-hour battery is free of toxic and expensive elements recharges in 15 minutes and is recyclable. To start the car just put your hand on the units symbolizing the tree of souls from Avatar. It is already known that this miracle of automobile design will not be mass-produced but some stylistic and technical solutions discovered during its creation will be used in other Mercedes-Benz products.

Mercedes-Benz vision EQ Silver Arrow

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow is another concept car from the German automaker, essentially it's a tribute to the racing cars of the same company developed back in the 1930s. The car is about five point three meters long and one meets at all the body has a streamlined shape and is almost devoid of sharp edges.

The design of the concept car is stunning but no less impressive or is technical characteristics for instance, the electric power unit has a capacity of 550 kilowatts or 750 horsepower. The AC kilowatt-hour battery allows the cars to travel up to 400 kilometers and one charge.