Galaxy S20 Ultra will have 16GB RAM [ SAMSUNG WENT INSANE ]

So if you thought 12GB is a crazy amount of RAM for a smartphone then you're going to be totally amazed by the RAM count that Samsung is going to equip the Galaxy S20 models with.
Yesterday we talked about Ice Universe's tweet which said all the Galaxy S20 variants which are the S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra will have at least 12GB RAM. 12GB is more than enough for most people in my opinion but according to Max Winebach, Samsung will take the RAM count to a whole new level, to 16GB.

That's right, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is going to be one of the first smartphones to have 16GB of RAM. That's way more than most of the laptops, it's the RAM count that my computer has.

Honestly, we don't need that kind of RAM on a smartphone but hey I would rather have it than not have it.

Phones are getting ridiculously expensive and people are holding on to them much longer than in the past.

So it's kinda like future-proofing your device.

You may not need 16 gigs of RAM right now, but considering how apps and games are getting heavier day by day and also the 108MP, 8K recording needs a higher amount of RAM so you're going to surely need this in the future.
Keep in mind that the S20 Ultra is going to be the only device that offers an option of either 12 gigs of RAM or 16 gigs of RAM. Other S20 variants will be 12GB, only models.