Huawei Plan to Compete with Google in App Ecosystem

So Huawei is blacklisted from using American tech which means they can't use Google Apps and play store which also means their latest flagship the P40 Pro won't have access to Google services.

Huawei has confirmed that they are not going to use Harmony OS in the P40 Pro instead just like the Mate 30 Pro it's going to have an open-source version of Android without Google apps.

The latest reports suggest that the US has absolutely zero plans to take Huawei out of the blacklist so Huawei has no choice but to create their own app ecosystem and Huawei is using money to build an app ecosystem that could rival Google's Play store.

Huawei has announced that it will make 26 million dollar investments to entice developers to make apps for their platform. Basically they're going to pay you if you make apps for their platform. Of course, they're not going to pay everyone but only to the developers of the popular apps and games.
Also, they've announced that they'll only keep 15% revenue cut from its developers, rather than the 30% tax levied by Google and Apple.

Microsoft has tried this approach in the past with windows phone and failed miserably. But Huawei has a huge presence in China, they sell nearly over 200 million smartphones a year in China alone so you never know this might work out for them but the thing is if it's going to work out it will take a few years until they can build a good app ecosystem, in the short term you can be sure that Huawei is going to have a tough time at least in the western market.

Do let me know your thoughts on this ...