Huawei says they have sold 200000 units of the Huawei Mate X [ THEY LIED ]

So recently the CEO of Samsung mobile DJ Koh said at the consumer electronics show that they have sold somewhere between 400000 to 500000 units of the Galaxy Fold. That figure is impressive considering the device has a totally new form factor and featuresan all-new folding display.
Also, it costs $2000. The Galaxy Fold went on sale in September 2019 so almost half a million units is a prettygood number.

Now, Huawei has decided to let the world know how their foldable smartphone the Mate X is doing in terms of sales.You see the Mate X went on sale in November and it's only available in China.They haven't released it anywhere else. So Huawei is saying they have sold 200000 units of the Mate X since November.They said they are selling 100K units of these devices per month, so it's been a couple of months the device is up for sale so 200K units have been sold so far according to the company.

Now, personally I absolutely don't believe these numbers.
I don't think the device is performing that good in sales for a couple of reasons. I'm positive they're lying again. Even one of the biggest tipsters out there Ice Universe doesn't believe in these numbers.First of all, the Mate X is only available in China.So these numbers are only for one market.

I do keep an eye on how well the devices are performing so Huawei's numbers look unrealistic to me because a) it's just one market. The Galaxy Fold is up for sale worldwide and Samsung is also selling around 100K unitsa month. Look Samsung is a much bigger company than Huawei, if we are talking about flagship sales then Samsung outsells Huawei by a factor of 4 to 1. The majority of Huawei's sales come from the budget and mid-range phones, they're nowhere near to Samsung when it comes to flagship sales. Also the Galaxy Fold is cheaper than the Mate X. $2000 vs $2400.

Also Ice Universe believes that these numbers are ridiculous.The Mate X has barely 1000 reviews in one of China's biggest shopping sites which gives more credence to what I'm saying that Huawei is lying again. Look Huawei has lied countless times in the past, and it's no surprise that they are lying again.

The thing is Huawei is not a publicly-traded company.They are not traded on any stock market which means they don’t have to answer to shareholders. That means they can lie all they want and they wouldn't be held accountable for it and that's what exactly happening here with these sales numbers of the Mate X. I'm sure they are not selling 100K units of these devices a month. 

Now some of you might say, that the sales numbers of the Galaxy Fold that Samsung revealed a few days ago was a lie as well. 

Because if Huawei can lie then so do Samsung. Well, NOPE, they can't.You see unlike Huawei Samsung is a publicly-traded company.So they cannot mislead investors or shareholders with false numbers because that is a criminal act.

That's the reason when a Samsung spokesperson got confused with Samsung’s initial Galaxy Fold sales target for the year and said that they have sold 1 million of these devices, other Samsung officials were quick enough to correct him signifying that the company hasn't sold a million units of Galaxy Folds and later at CES the CEO of Samsung Mobile clarified that the company sold somewhere between 400000 to 500000 units of the Galaxy Folds in 4 months.

So yeah, the bottom line is Huawei lied again .