Nowadays Car has been upgraded to a whole new advanced level and today we will see the most expensive and amazing car which has the best interior in the world. 

1.Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The car that you see on the screen doesn't look particularly unusual and it's not a luxury vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a car designed primarily for comfortable and efficient transportation. The manufacturer offers several models, for example, the Sprinter can be a van minibus a tour bus and even a truck.

However, if you think that it's impossible to turn this car into a luxury vehicle you are very much mistaken. Trimo is a Turkish company that's been upgrading and modifying standard vans since 1994, a few years ago their specialists created an absolutely amazing and unique car based on a standard Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. 

The updated model is the Sprinter SVD 10/10. Although on the outside this minibus is not very different from other similar cars the interior has been completely redesigned unfortunately there's no information about the materials used. However, it looks like all the surfaces are finished with high-quality beige natural leather. 

The natural wood inserts are a great addition so. Other notable features include a farm panoramic windows and adjustable seats the interior features tables a fridge, a coffee maker, individual lighting and air conditioning. Interestingly specialists have paid great attention to automation. Almost all interior elements such as arm-rests, leg rests and the coffee machine appear after pressing the corresponding buttons.

2.Rolls-Royce Phantom

Now let's talk about a car that doesn't need additional modifications. Specialists from Rolls-Royce have done everything possible to make this luxury car impress not only the passengers but also the driver over and over again.

It's worth noting that the production of the rolls-Royce phantom cars began in 2003. This car is an updated 8th generation model. Each seat was created and covered with natural leather and sewn by hand by a highly-skilled expert. Woods and fine sheep's wool are used for the details pay attention to the roof too instead of lamps the designers decided to recreate the effect of a starry sky. 

The ceiling is made of fiber optics, each of the 1536 lights is placed inside individually by hand if you wish you can turn off the main lights endures enjoying the starry sky. The secret of the natural effect is that these stars are placed on the ceiling at different depths and different angles. It takes about nine hours to create this composition. 

However Rolls-Royce specialists can also create unique and personalized star passes, in that case, the work can take more than 17 hours.