The Galaxy S20 has to be one of the most hyped Samsung devices of recent times which offers various upgrades such as the 108MP camera, 10 times optical zoom and also the 120Hz display. But it looks like it will offer some downgrades as well. 

No, I'm not talking about the headphone jack, it's already gone and probably will never come back but Samsung will drop two camera features that might have been helpful for some of you. The first one is the dual mechanical aperture.

The tech used a mechanical shutter to close and open the camera sensor, allowing for more or less light. Samsung debuted it on the Galaxy S9, the camera could switch automatically or manually betweenf/1.5 and f/2.4 to let in more or less light.  The option of two F-stop settings improved camera performance in various lighting conditions, helped with a bokeh effect and prevented overexposure of extremely bright scenes. 

It was first for a smartphone, which appeared on devices like the Galaxy S9, S10, Note 10 and even the Galaxy Fold. But now for some reason, Samsung is dropping the tech after just a couple of years. The reason is still unknown, maybe the Galaxy S20's camera offers something that renders the dual aperture useless, we'll know soon enough but there's one more feature they're getting rid of on the S20 Ultra and it's the dual phase-detect autofocus.

As you can see, Ice Universe chimed in to say that they're dropping the dual PD autofocus as well. This feature was borrowed from DSLR's which uses individual pixels to focus an image, instead of analyzing contrast lines in a whole picture. It enabled a more accurate focus on any object and it's hard to say why they're getting rid of it but we heard something in the past that it's because Samsung will use laser autofocus on the S20 Ultra which is supposedly faster than the dual-phase detection. 

Of course, we'll know for sure soon enough on February 11th.
So this is a little weird. Usually, when Samsung launches its flagship phones they make them available in stores for us to buy in a couple of weeks. But that is apparently not going to happen with the Galaxy S20. Samsung will launch these handsets on February 11th but will release it a month later on
March 13th.

This is out of pattern for Samsung to do it so I would advise you to take this information with a pinch of salt.