Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - INSANE PRICES

So we know almost everything about the Galaxy S20 lineup, we know its detailed specs, we know how they look like but there's one thing we don't know yet and it's their prices.

Thankfully that's kinda changes today because for the first time the prices of the S20 lineup have been rumored courtesy of none other than Max Winebach. First of all, these are going to be the Galaxy S20 variants that Samsung is going to launch. There will be 4G and 5G variants of all the S20 models except the S20 Ultra which only has a 5G version.

The prices that have been rumored are for 5G variants and not for 4G and they are for Europe. keeping that in mind, here are the prices for all the S20 5G variants. The S20 is about 900 to 1000 euros, S20 Plus at 1050 to 1100 and 1300 euros for the S20 Ultra. I know these are insane prices but hear me out before you lose your mind.

First of all, these prices are for 5G variants, the 4G variants will cost less than this, probably 100 to 150 Euros less. Second, usually, prices for European market includes the value-added tax aka VAT which the US prices doesn't include. So keeping that in mind, in my opinion, these could be the prices for the US market and remember again it's for the 5G variants.

 If we are specifically talking about 4G then these could be the prices for the S20 and S20+ in the US and these could be the prices for Europe. Now, it's kinda hard to guess the price of the S20 Ultra. Because as per the rumors there won't be a 4G variant of the handset, they're only making a 5G version.
Some of you are asking whether or not Samsung will release the S20 Ultra in countries that still don't have 5G infrastructure.  The thing is, even if it's 5G only, it will still work on 4G. So yes, they'll surely launch it in every market even if your country doesn't have a 5G infrastructure yet.

With that said, I don't think the S20 Ultra will cost 1300 euros.
It should be around 1200 to 1250. Still, that makes it insanely expensive. And for that reason, I'm hoping there will be a 4G variant of the S20 Ultra for countries that still don't have 5G infrastructure. Because the people of these countries are paying an additional $150 for absolutely nothing. So I hope they release a 4G variant of the S20 Ultra as well. 

Of course we'll know for sure come February 11th when these devices will be officially launched.