Samsung has Unveiled an Invisible Keyboard and Rolling Robot Called Ballie.

Samsung unveiled an AI-powered invisible keyboard for smartphone

As you know already consumer electronics show is going on right now, various companies are showcasing various types of tech that will surely leave you awestruck. 
One of them was from Samsung and it was the invisible keyboard.Yes, Samsung showcased something truly interesting called Selfietype which is an invisible keyboard that works with just any camera-enabled device and a large enough surface.

Kinda like Tony Stark's keyboard but less flashy 😂.

The system utilizes front-facing camera sensors in smartphones to track the position of users’ fingers.

It requires no additional hardware, just the selfie camera, it analyzes the finger movements coming from the front camera and converts them into keyboard inputs which looks pretty cool, to be honest, but in its current form, I don't see it being useful.

First of all, the user has absolutely no idea what he's typing as the phone doesn't project any kind of virtual keyboard in front of the phone. I mean how are we going to know what keys are we typing...Sure, a professional would have no problems with it but it may not work well for an average consumer.
 In any case, I don't have big hopes from this because virtual keyboards existed before in the form of laser keyboards and they didn't actually catch off, so I have literally zero expectations from this but anyway, cool tech nonetheless.

Meet Samsung  rolling robot that understands you 

Here's another interesting piece of tech that Samsung unveiled at CES, it's Samsung’s new personal robot called Ballie. It's a spherical robot, designed to help people around the house using on-device Artificial Intelligence. 

Although the full extent of its capabilities isn't known at this point but this robot is meant for doing basic tasks around the house, such as running around the house opening curtains, turning on the washing machine and television, sending a feed of your dog to your phone when
you're not home and turning on the vacuum when the dog spills something and much more. 

There's a camera upfront through which it navigates, and uses AI to learn and do things. Ballie appears to be a prototype concept at this point but I'm sure it will eventually be offered as a consumer product. I personally would love to have something that will follow me around in the home and
help out with tasks kinda like a personal assistant. Right now it’s unclear when this robot will be launched and how much it’s going to cost
but I'll make sure to keep an eye on this so and will keep you posted when I hear more .