Galaxy S20 Ultra will have stainless steel

So remember last year when Samsung's marketing team did an oopsy with the official product video of the Galaxy Note 10. They said the frame of the Note 10 was made from stainless steel instead of brushed aluminum.

I still cringe to the memory of that. Somehow the marketing team of the multi-billion-dollar company which also happens to be the number one smartphone maker was under the impression that their new phones use stainless steel for some reason which was obviously not the case, Samsung quickly fixed their mistake without any explanation or anything.

Now, Samsung is making sure this blunder won't happen again by actually making the frame of the Galaxy S20 Ultra with the stainless steel. Ever since the Galaxy S6, Samsung has been using an aluminum frame which is a material that strikes the balance between lightness and durability and it's less expensive. Stainless steel is heavier and tougher than aluminum and the thing is it's more premium, it looks really good, feels great in the hand, as well as it's more durable.

Also, It is more scratch-resistant and does not bend as easily as aluminum. The reason stainless steel is rarely used in smartphones is that it’s more expensive to produce. But the Galaxy S20 Ultra will have an insane price tag so I would expect them to offer this at least.

By the way, Apple already offers a stainless steel frame on its smartphones ever since the iPhone X so good to know that Samsung is also upping its game in this department as well.

Anyway, do let me know your thoughts on this down in the comments