So Samsung is making an artificial human called Neon.

So Samsung is making an artificial human called Neon.
We have talked about this a few days ago, Pranav Mistry who's a computer scientist and
Who's also the President and CEO of Samsung STAR Labs was sharing frequent teasers of Neon over the last few weeks stressing that it's an artificial human.

But still, we had no idea what that meant up until now.
Today he tweeted out revealing what exactly the Neon is signifying that Neon is going
to be Samsung's boldest product ever.
Pranav tweeted that the code is working, It can now autonomously create new expressions,
new movements, new dialog (even in Hindi), completely different from the originally captured

So basically Neon is a realistic human avatar or a realistic digital human which is cool and revolutionary but this could also create a lot of problems and misinformation in my
More to that in the latter half of the video but first we have a leaked video of Neon which
was revealed on Reddit, Good content tech made a very interesting video about this
explaining the whole stuff.

That said, the people that you are seeing in the video right now are not real humans
they are computer-generated footage, a realistic digital human, you might say and they do look  extremely like real humans.

In fact, it's impossible to say that they are computer-generated.
This is what Neon is, this program can create new expressions, a new movement, new dialogue  and most importantly it can do it independent of the originally captured data.
A lot of movie production houses do this already, but the tech they use is very expensive beyond the reach of an average human being.

But it looks like neon is going to be a household name if I'm not mistaken.
Also, we've seen a similar type of tech in China.
The lady that you're seeing right now is the world's first female AI news anchor developed
in China.

Although it looks realistic you can say it's not real with her mouth movement.
Neon, on the other hand, looks totally real.
Of course, these are Samsung videos and we don't know to what degree are these computer-generated,

thankfully we'll get to know in that in less than 48 hours when Samsung is going to officially
reveal it to the world.
That said, this is a really cool piece of tech which could revolutionize the way we
interact with our devices but there’s also going to be a concern over the potential abuse
of this technology.

You see this is going to encourage deep fakes.
Politicians and celebrities are the going to be the most common victims of this but
also with the number of selfies the average person takes in a lifetime and considering
this technology will advance in the future, perhaps soon anyone could be used as a source
to make them say or do anything they want.

I hope Samsung has something figured out to make this doesn't happen and I'll make sure
to tune in to CES to see what more information they will reveal about Neon, so do consider
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