Sony Xperia 2 or Sony Xperia 5 Plus is going to be the company's new flagship smartphone.

Sony's new flagship will see the return of a key hardware

So Sony is making the successor to Xperia 1 which was the first mainstream phone to
have a 21:9 cinema wide aspect ratio.
Sony adopted a new design language to set themselves apart from the ever-crowded smartphone
And now that the MWC is approaching next month we got the first look at Sony's new flagship
which could be named Xperia 2 or Xperia 5 Plus or I don't know because Sony sucks at
naming their phones.
Anyway, the phone looks similar to the Xperia 1 except the bezels here look slimmer both
at the top and bottom and at the sides as well.
And I gotta admit, this phone looks beautiful.
It has an elegant, and clean design just like the old Xperia Z days.

When others are putting a cancerous tumor at the back of their phone, Sony decided that
they won't follow this hideous trend and will make it look clean with a vertical triple
camera setup which also has a time of flight sensor.
That said, after 2 years of absence Sony is finally bringing back the one feature absolutely
loved by the audiophiles.
Yes, the headphone jack is making a comeback.
In 2018, Sony ditched it from their flagship phones basically saying that they removed
it because everyone was doing it.

By everyone they meant Apple and that invited a lot of outcry from their loyal fans.
You see audiophiles are very disturbed by the trend of Android manufacturers affirming
the false notion that Apple is a “tech leader” in ditching what is easily the cheapest, best,
and most-used solution to audio on the go.
It seems weird to extol the virtues of a piece of nearly 140-year-old technology in this
day and age, but the reason why it’s persisted this long is that… it works.
It’s a solved issue: not only the headphone jack is cheap, but it’s durable, small,
and high-quality.

It can support inexpensive headphones, and it can support the best headphones—all with
one universal standard.
Not only that, but it’s an easy way to enable the use of microphones, as well.
It’s a fantastically versatile piece of tech that hasn’t really been changed all
that much since the plug was reduced in size to 3.5mm in the 1950s.
Obviously, a headphone jack isn’t the only way you can listen to music.
Bluetooth headphones exist, and they work well for most people.
But the problem is: they don’t work well for all people.

Audiophiles probably aren’t too keen on being unable to listen to high-bitrate files,
and there’s no shortage of reasons why you wouldn’t want to deal with the added hassles
of wireless tech…
Which is why smartphone companies have used both in tandem for so long—it offers the
pickiest listeners quality that Bluetooth can’t currently touch, while enabling users
who want to ditch the cable.
There’s almost no reason not to have both, especially when the cost to manufacture is
so cheap.

Thankfully Sony somehow understood that and they are bringing it back on their next flagship
Speaking of flagship the Xperia 2 will have top of the line specs including stereo speakers
up top and bottom.
The fingerprint scanner, though is a capacitive one placed at the side.
The handset should go official next month at the mobile world congress and I hope Sony
doesn't take forever to release this handset for the consumers to buy like they always do.

 Sony, the Japanese consumer electronics giant revealed an electric car called the Vision-S.

In perhaps the biggest surprise of the Consumer Electronics Show, Sony, the Japanese consumer
electronics giant revealed an electric car called the Vision-S. That's right, Sony is
entering the car market.
It's a concept car but it looks like Sony has all plans to mass-produce it in the future
so that means consumers can buy it.
The car was built in partnership with auto manufacturer Magna, it has a whopping 33 sensors
for monitoring both the inside and outside the car.

There is other tech from Blackberry and Bosch built into the car as well and also it has
Sony's 360-degree audio system.
Now with Sony into the car industry, it won't be far fetched to imagine a car in the future
from Smartphone giants like Samsung and Apple.
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