OnePlus thinks that foldable phones are not good enough.

So OnePlus thinks that foldable phones are not good enough.

Their CEO was interviewed by the Verge where he said that they haven't found the significant advantage or value that’s brought by the foldable smartphones that aren’t outweighed by the shortcomings or the disadvantages of the current state of the technology.

He said that the current foldable phones have a crease in the middle which he cannot accept in products that he builds. Also, he doesn't like the plastic display of the foldable phones. Kinda ironic for him to say that.

I mean he's working on a disappearing rear camera tech that lets you hide your back cameras, a tech that literally no one needs.

Yes, I do agree that foldable right now aren't perfect. But that doesn't mean you can say it has little no value. An 8" or 9" tablet that can turn into a phone which can be pocketable isn't valuable? 

It's a thousand times more useful than the tech that OnePlus is working that literally, no one needs.

You know the actual reason OnePlus isn't working on foldables right now is that they don't have the funds, the resources to invest in this technology.

So that's all for now , Let me know your thoughts down in the comments..