OnePlus Will Finally Include Wireless Charging Support

About six years ago, a small Chinese startup named OnePlus made big waves in the smartphone industry, an accomplishment that even big tech firms like Google struggle with today. 

OnePlus won over hardcore Android fans with their smartphones that had slick software and specs that rivaled Samsung and Apple phones for a fraction of the price. Their motto was to never settle, they've always positioned themselves as being an advocate for the consumer.

In an industry dominated by Samsung and Apple, OnePlus wanted you to feel like the company was on your side. But soon enough OnePlus started to look more and more like the flagship smartphone makers it originally sought to dethrone. Their phones are getting expensive, they market their phones in the flagship segment yet they don't offer basic flagship features like the wireless charging and IP rating. Their excuse for that is wireless charging is inferior to the company’s Warp Charge standard.

I understand OnePlus is obsessed with speed as its defining trait, but it's the wrong way to evaluate the usefulness of wireless charging.

I agree Wireless charging isn’t as fast as wired charging, but it can be more convenient. You can have a charging pad at your desk or next to the bed and just drop your phone on it. There’s no fiddling with the plug or accidentally knocking the phone down when your foot gets tangled in the cable. That’s the value of wireless charging — it’s not an either/or situation.

People have come to expect premium phones to have this feature and OnePlus being a premium phone maker was giving excuses not because it was slow, that's just an excuse but the reality was they were just controlling the costs.

Thankfully, though things will change come OnePlus 8 Pro.
OnePlus has joined WPC, Wireless Power Consortium, the standards group that handles the Qi wireless charging used by virtually every single smartphone, basically signifying that their next phone, the OnePlus 8 Pro is guaranteed to have the wireless charging support.

Their excuse all these years was that wireless charging is slower but companies like Xiaomi have come up with 30W of wireless charging standard which by the way is faster than OnePlus's wired warp charge, so that left OnePlus with no choice but to include this charging standard on their next phone.

Thats all !!