We have the US pricing of the Galaxy S20 series.

Jon Prosser, our good friend, has obtained the US pricing of the T Mobile variants of the Galaxy S20 series. He says the S20 will set you back, 999, 1199 for the S20 Plus and a massive 1399 for the S20 Ultra.
Remember these prices are for the 5G variant only.

The S20 and S20+ have 4G variants too and they will likely cost $100 or $150 less than this. But according to Jon, T-Mobile will only sell 5G variants, there won't be 4G S20's at least in T-Mobile.

I know these are insane prices, the S20 Ultra especially...$1400 is a lot of money, I knew the S20 Ultra will be an expensive handset but I think $1400 is kinda pushing it.

first of all, this would have been avoided if there was a 4G variant of this handset but for some reason, Samsung decided not to.
I don't know why, maybe to increase their profit margins, you never know but a lot of us will have to pay additional money on this handset for nothing.
5G isn't widespread yet, heck a lot of countries don't even have 5G  infrastructure and it'll take at least a year or two for 5G to take over.

So honestly I don't understand the business decision here and I don't know about you but I'm disappointed with the pricing of the Ultra. I mean if I'm spending that kind of money then I would rather spend some extra and get
the Galaxy Fold 2 than the Ultra. Anyway, I hope the phones cost less than this.

For the people of the United States, there probably won't be a 4G version.

Let me know what do you think about this down in the comments  these could be the final prices for you guys.